Illuminate RJ

Illuminate RJ is a statewide project aimed at uplifting the narrative
around abortion experiences and reproductive justice in Texas.

Illuminate Reproductive Justice

Illuminate Reproductive Justice (iRJ) is a statewide project that uses art to highlight Texans experiences with reproductive oppression, stigma, discrimination, and abortion care. IRJ uses artivism, the practice of promoting a cause through art, because art allows a person sharing their story a freedom of expression and a freedom from judgment that isn’t always available through other storytelling methods. Abortion is often stigmatized, and art provides an approachable avenue for people to shed their preconceived notions about abortion and reproductive justice. Our ultimate goal of this project is to publish and broadcast Texans’ stories in hopes of sparking a dialogue that contributes to changing the culture of abortion stigma in our state.

How to Participate

There are several ways you can participate in this project. We welcome submissions of all art forms. We do require all your contact information in case we need to reach you about your art in the future. However, you are able to be anonymous in publication.

If you are not sure where to start with your art piece, we also offer a Mockingbird Template that you can download here, decorate the bird in a way that shows what reproductive justice means to you. You can either mail the finished product or scan and submit.

We chose the Mockingbird not only because is it the state bird of Texas, it is known for its ability to echo songs of other birds, much like this project aims to uplift the stories of Reproductive Justice in Texas.



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Click here to download the Mockingbird Template!

Download, print, cut-out, decorate, etc.



Original Submission

Send us your poem, photo, drawing, sketch, creation, video, song, etc., by uploading your file using the form to the left, or by mailing the original to us at PO Box 684602, Austin TX 78768.
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Disclaimer: By submitting your artwork, you are granting permission to participating organizations to display your submissions in all related Illuminate RJ programming events and materials.

*This project is meant to spark a dialogue about serious issues that have too often been kept out of the public domain. The submissions reflect the individual contributor’s expression of this topic and are only those of the individual. The submissions are not necessarily reflective of the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund (TFNEF), NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Foundation (NPCTF), or Shift.

TFNEF, NPCTF, Shift are not responsible for, and disclaims any and all liability for the content of contributors to this project.

What is Reproductive Justice?

The term ‘reproductive justice’ was coined in 1994 by women of color working in reproductive health and rights. The term was intended as a challenge to the mainstream concept of reproductive “choice.” In A History of Reproductive Justice, movement leader and SisterSong co-founder Loretta Ross tells the story:

The concept of Reproductive Justice began to take shape when members of a women of color delegation returned from the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, Egypt. Shortly after, a group of African American women caucused at the Illinois Pro-Choice Alliance Conference in Chicago. The group became known as Women of African Descent for Reproductive Justice. They decided to devise a strategy to challenge the proposed healthcare reform campaign by the Clinton Administration that did not include guaranteeing access to abortion. Not wanting to use the language of ‘choice’ because they represented communities with few real choices, they integrated the concepts of reproductive rights, social justice and human rights to launch the term ‘Reproductive Justice.’ Their signature ad in the Washington Post debuted the term reproductive justice in 1994.

Illuminate RJ is a project of Texas Freedom Network Education Fund (TFNEF), NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Foundation (NPCTF) and Shift.

*Although our organizations are not Reproductive Justice organizations, we strongly uphold RJ values and aim to lift up voices within a Reproductive Justice movement and framework. We strive to create a space for communities to build power and organize for Reproductive Justice.

For a list of some Reproductive Justice organizations in Texas and elsewhere, see the full list here.


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Special thanks to the Repeal Hyde Art Project.